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Sow Joyful Summer is a nature-based program for Black children, ages 4 to 7, that offers exploration of the natural world while being nurtured and held in a culturally-affirming environment that centers Black joy and connection. The program is located on two private acres in Pelham, MA on the border with Amherst.

At Sow Joyful Summer, kids will spend their week in nature, playing together in the shade of the forest trees, or in the garden, growing food or flowers together. We’ll sing, dance, tell stories, dig for bugs, learn about the wild plants in our environment, feed the chickens, run in the sprinklers when it gets hot, and build relationships that nurture the children and reflect the beauty and individuality of who they are.

Sow Joyful Summer is inclusive of queer, trans, and non-binary families and kids.

Dates:  All summer 2021 spots are full.



Mia McKenzie is an author, activist, and mama of two children. She created Sow Joyful Summer to provide a culturally-affirming, nature-based program for Black kids.


  1. Is Sow Joyful Summer a licensed summer camp? Sow Joyful Summer is a one-week program that takes places in the summer. We don’t hike, horseback ride, do archery or sports, so, no, we’re not a “summer camp” as far as the State of Massachusetts is concerned and we don’t have a license for that. Think of us as a super-fun, super-Black, week-long summer play group.

  2. Is Sow Joyful Summer ACA accredited? No. Not a camp. Please see above.

  3. Is the program outdoors? Will masks be required? All programming will take place outdoors except in the case of dangerous weather, such as high winds or lightning. All staff is fully-vaccinated and will be unmasked outdoors. Children will not be required to mask outdoors, but can if they feel most comfortable doing so.  Some bathrooming will be done indoors, masked. In the case of dangerous weather, we will shelter in an indoor, well-ventilated (windows open, fans on) area, with masks and social distancing in place for all kids and staff. Please note that these protocols are subject to change in the event of increased COVID-19 infections in the area.

  4. What is your refund policy? Full payment is due at the time of registration, 50% of which is non-refundable (unless the program is canceled by us). The remaining 50% is refundable up to 14 days before the session begins. There are no refunds within 13 days of the start of the session.