Creating A Black Homeschool Cooperative in the Pioneer Valley

Beginning Fall 2022, the We Outchea Black Homeschool/Unschool Cooperative will be a full- and part-time play, social and learning cohort for Black children 5 to 7* years old. We will be Black parents who are also friends, deeply committed to raising our children with a strong sense of Black family, friendship, and community. We will be “teachers” to each other’s children, but we will also be their aunties. Our LOVE for them will guide our mentoring and care.

Parents in the cooperative are expected to: (1) contribute 6 hours* per week, per child, (2) attend a one-hour zoom meeting, every two weeks, to check in with the group throughout the 2022 unschool year, and (3) gather with the group to build community between now and Fall 2022.

There is much more to know, so if you’d like more info on this cooperative, please fill out the form below ASAP. The collective is forming now and space is limited.