Black Home is a community-building space for queer Black (and Black/PoC) families in Western Mass that includes gatherings and workshops.

Current Programs (as of June 2022):

Queer Family Dinner
Fridays at 4pm

Highly Melanated: A Black Kids Play Group

A play group for darker-skinned Black kids meeting Sunday mornings

WHITNEY HOUSTON DAY Saturday, 8/6 at 2pm: A family event celebrating all things Whitney Houston, with music, food, karaoke and togetherness!

GAME DAY Saturday, 9/24 at 4:30: Games, games, games! Everything from dominoes to charades to Nintendo Switch (Just Dance, anyone???)! And maybe an outdoor movie! Food, family and fun for Black and QTPoC parents and their kids!

For more information and location for any of these events, holla at sowjoyfulsummer at the geemails.